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The Greenwood Publishing Group is one of the world's leading publishers of reference titles, academic and general interest books, texts, books for librarians and other professionals, and electronic resources. With over 18,000 titles in print, GPG publishes some 1,000 books each year, many of which are recognized with annual awards from Choice, Library Journal, the American Library Association, and other scholarly and professional organizations.


Greenwood was founded as an academic and educational publisher in 1967, and over the years the success of our publishing efforts has been reflected in many distinct imprints (including Quorum, Bergin & Garvey, Auburn House, Ablex, and Oryx). In light of this extraordinary growth, we recently decided that we could serve our authors and readers better by combining the editorial and marketing activities of these imprints into two major book publishing programs, Greenwood Press for reference, Praeger Publishers for academic and general-interest nonfiction, along with Greenwood Electronic Media (GEM) for electronic resources. The Greenwood Publishing Group also comprises Heinemann USA and Libraries Unlimited.


Greenwood Press provides high-quality, authoritative reference books in all subject areas taught in middle schools, high schools, and colleges, as well as on topics of general interest. Our many award-winning titles in the social sciences and humanities range from in-depth multi-volume encyclopedias to more concise handbooks, guides, and even biographies.


Praeger Publishers has a distinguished history since 1949 of producing scholarly and professional books in the social sciences and humanities, with special strengths in modern history, military studies, psychology, business, current events and social issues, international affairs, politics, visual and performing arts, and literature. These books serve the needs of scholars and general readers alike by providing the best of contemporary scholarship to the widest possible audience.


Greenwood Electronic Media was founded in 1998 to deliver online products to the media-savvy school, college, and public library market. GEM products have garnered praise from the popular and professional reviewing media.


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