Talent Balancing  




"Jim Stedt's Talent Balancing brings the complex task of matching today's human resources requirements with corporate needs and responsibilities into much clearer focus. Candidates today are balancing home, work, and extended family obligations; while employers must consider a plethora of laws covering compliance, confidentiality and so many other issues. These clear explanations on how to find and hire the right candidate, as well as how to keep trusted employees, couldn't have come at a better time."

Stephen Lawton
Editorial Director
AFAB Media Services


"Jim Stedt's thorough knowledge and inside understanding of how companies incorrectly position people is enlightening. His plain talk gets to the basic issues of hiring people and explaining how to make efficient use of the talent in your company. Our organization works with numerous startup companies that do not have staffing experience and can benefit from the step-by-step information in Talent Balancing. This book is a must read in today's competitive environment."

George Carson
Carson and Company

"Talent Balancing is an excellent book that describes a hands-on approach to the most important job in a company finding, hiring and retaining the best people. This book provides a step-by-step guide that is good for both the novice and seasoned hiring managers."

John VanZandt, Ph.D
CEO Consultancy Inc.


"Talent Balancing is a practical resource for the e-hiring and staffing era of the new millennium. With 'how-to's,' case examples, and an immense array of resources, it will help managers involved in hiring, managing and retaining staff to do it more effectively - and easily. Jim Stedt has taken What Color is My Parachute? and shown us all how to pick the more appropriate colors, and how to get those colorful resources to organize and blend into a strategic rainbow that heads straight to a pot of gold."

Di Landau
President, Global Resources, Inc.

"Talent Balancing is an important work for people in business and those studying business. This work is grounded in reality and will be extremely useful to its readers. It includes the very concepts upon which we know success is based in business. Its readers will see themselves in its pages and see opportunities for their own success and that of their companies. Talent Balancing advocates the use of technology, but it especially stresses the need for personal interaction. The critical essence is that Talent Balancing was born of research and practical experience. It is my opinion that this book will serve its readers well."

L. Joyce Arnston
Vice President, Grants and Development
Foundation for California Community Colleges


Talent balancing is a common-sense approach to hiring and managing a staff. The book provides real life examples of what to do and more importantly what "not" to do when building an organization. Jim Stedt's insightful analysis and solutions for today's staffing challenges, demonstrates his hands-on experience. Talent balancing will educate, inform and entertain readers of all job responsibilities, experience levels and industries.

Rick Rawson
Regional Recruiting Manager
Tenet of California

Having trouble finding and keeping the talent you need at your company? This book addresses the issues of how to recruit the right employees for your company. For instance, I have seen companies that hire good people, only to lose them by not giving them the right challenges and career paths. Or the people that are hired turn out not to have the skills that needed to be checked before they are hired. I particularly like the forms and checklists in the book that help you through the recruiting process. Recommended.

Richard Glass
Reporting Systems Consultant


This is an excellent source. It is a practical reference for anyone establishing, maintaining and/or developing an organization. This book is a quick read that is enhanced by effective use of case studies. The information contained is contemporary and includes details of search methodology. The sample forms and checklists are a good starting point for the practitioner. It is evident that the viewpoint of the writer is that of someone that is experienced, "hands on" and operating in today's environment. This book is a solid addition to your technical library.

Henry A. Rider, Jr.
President, Process & Quality Consultant



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