Talent Balancing  




When the economy was booming, it was hard to find good people. "Winning the talent war" was a popular phrase, and those individuals with the right stuff could command hefty salaries and perks. When the economy crumbled, the headhunters were sent packing.


Today, companies are starting to hire again, but instead of recruiting a group of fifty, they're hiring five. They're outsourcing and hiring temps. They're replacing staff due to turnovers, retirements, and areas that was downsized, rather than expanding. They're relying on reduced HR department and in-house managers and staff to make critical staffing decisions.


Surprisingly, in this environment, good people are hard to find; the top performers are staying where they are, and it's the weak and marginal performers that make up most of the available talent pool. Talent Balancing draws from the author's 35 years in the field to present a fresh and practical approach to recruiting in today's volatile and uncertain environment. In particular, for entrepreneurs and managers without formal recruitment training, Talent Balancing will help you navigate organizational politics, analyze current and future staffing needs, and execute a successful plan.


Packed with checklists, templates, and illustrative examples, Talent Balancing offers a wealth of tools and insights for successfully managing every step of the hiring process, from creating job requisitions to conducting interviews to acculturating new hires. Whether you are ramping up a new team or department or filling a temporary spot, Talent Balancing will help your organization meet both immediate and long-term goals.


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